London Olympics 2012 – What Great Games! So Far…

by gtwehman on August 8, 2012

Every four years the summer Olympic games are staged somewhere in the world, just like the counterpart the Olympic winter games. Well – this time, in 2012, London is hosting the Olympics. There was a lot of press regarding the security for the games, and so far there has not been an incident. For this we can all be thankful.

I, for one have enjoyed the Olympics. Yes, like many, there is disappointment over how “over produced” the NBC Olympic Sports Team has done – and yet put in perspective that NBC shelled out a whopping $1.2 BILLION Dollars for the “rights” to broadcast the games – guess they can do what they want! (Let us not forget that they still have to pay production people, on-air talent and the like on top of that figure.) It is fully within their contract to broadcast the games the way they see fit, as long as the IOC is not offended or they misrepresent the facts or disgrace the Olympics.

Roone Arledge –  he is the Father of the Olympic Broadcasters. Dating back to the 1960 Squall Valley Winter games and many of the games that ABC held the rights, he perfected the way that Olympics are shown on American television. (By the way – the phrase “Agony of defeat” was the coined phrase of ABC and their sports.) Dealing with time zones, they, ABC produced the programs to air in America. ABC, CBS & NBC have all aired the Olympics and all do the delay format. Roone Arlegde is to credit or to blame. YET – the “Internet”, “Facebook” and “Twitter” have added that new dimension. The games this time around have had stronger ratings and people are attracted to watching – even if they already know the outcome.

I do like to see events in real time. If one lives in the eastern time zone, the majority of the time, no pun intended, programs are broadcast when they occur, Morning News: ie: Today, GMA, etc. yet in the Central and Pacific time zones they have always had a tape delay of many of these shows.

BACK TO THE SUBJECT: – The Olympics have been fun to watch!!! A great distraction from ALL the POLITICAL garbage ads that are airing. ENOUGH!!! Limit political ads to just 30 days before the election.

May your team win – as for me… I’m rooting for TEAM USA all the way!!!

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