Early On

by gtwehman on August 25, 2019

Many years ago, kind of sounds like it’s starting a Star Wars Saga – however way back in elementary school days the music career began. I also developed a love for radio – even though the visual medium tugged at me when I embarked on doing 8mm films with my brother.

Enough rambling.

After many detours along the trail, “I can still hear the music”. The desire to compose new material, arrange and produce projects has returned. Surprising that the roots that were planted still want to grow – and they have never died. Many friends have asked, “Are you ever going to do more music?”. The answer is yes.

As we travel down the 1 Arts Canyon Trail together, we will explore new adventures, new tunes and relate in a larger way than in the past.

Thank you all for being a part of my life. Thank you “new” friends that have just discovered, and thanks to the Lord who gave me the talent and ability and with the new technology able to share on a larger scale.

Time to stop at the General Store for refreshments so we can carry on.

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