On The Docket:


• “SEASONS OF AMERICA” – A unique new Composition / Module concept that can be adaptable to local orchestras and their regions. The piece will be based upon the theme “Seasons”  – it will not be the traditional ‘seasons’ but seasons or periods within the country’s history and future.

A piece in Four (4) Movements . . .

I: America Rises

II. America Falls

III. America Reborn

IV. America Lives

• 2nd Symphonic Essay – “For the Broken of Heart”


Past Pieces:

“1st SYMPHONIC ESSAY”University of Akron Orchestra

“THOUGHTS ON THE SEASONS”Bay String Quintet, Ken Lenz – Baritone, Barbara Moore – Alto; Text by George H. Winkelmann

“BRASSQUE”Rubber City Brass Quintet, Pipe Organ

“PATRIOT THEME & FANFARE” – A commission piece for the M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Concert Band

“ONE LITTLE SPARROW”Patch the Pirate Adventures, (Indianapolis Symphony Members)

Film Scores:

Great Endings: Film cues that knock off the socks at the end of a movie!


“LOOK FOR THE WOMAN”, Based on a Film Noir setting, murder/mystery.

“ANNIE’s WAY”, A Young Girl’s search for hope & faith in a home setting of arguments.

Production Pieces & Award Winning Jingles:

Award winning jingles and production pieces

“AMERICAN GREETINGS & YOU!”, Music for the Fortune 500’s Company (American Greetings) Annual Meeting of Retailers

“AMERICA GOES WITH ROADWAY!” & “THE WORLD BELONGS TO ROADWAY!” Music for the video package of branding of the Fortune 500 Company (Roadway Express) to the investors,

“When You Think of Music, Think of Lentine’s” – Lentine’s Music

“We Have A Voice” – Tom Watkins Campaign

“Foot Abuse” – Arnold/McKinnon Agency

“Something Special” – Tribute to Pittsburgh, Buccitelli Productions

“We Sell Products That Work” – Copier Sales

“The Friendliest Mall of All” – Chapel Hill Mall Merchants Association

– – –

Plus – Some 50+ Albums scored, conducted and/or produced.