Time Is Drawing Closer

by gtwehman on October 1, 2019

Hello Friends!

Well the Christmas project is getting close to hand, soon the piano tracks will be finished in being recorded at the studio, then off to the pressers and then to you. It’s been fun to dig back through the archives and find tunes that were played 30 years ago and bring them back to life. Familiar songs and mostly sacred in nature, the project will be one that can be enjoyed by itself with a cup of your favorite beverage or being played while decorating the tree. They are meant to not get in the way of the special moments, be reflective and add to the holiday cheer.

This weekend I’ll be going into the studio and producing vocals for a client who will be releasing his project at the beginning of the year. My son has been spearheading the album and he’s come a long way in his journey as well.

George Winklemann & I went out and chatted with various churches and organizations with “An Evening With The Composers”. George and I have collaborated on 50+ songs and we will be sharing that with you shortly.

Much going on – and I just wanted to take a moment to share the progress. Have a wonderful autumn season and stay tuned for the release of the Christmas piano project. Should be fun!

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